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Amazing pain facts that might just change your life

In the last few decades, there have been many new discoveries that have increased our knowledge and our understanding of pain. This course will explore many of these amazing pain facts that have relevance for how we understand pain and how we might treat it. Prepare to be surprised!

This course will involve a lecture by Associate Professor Tasha Stanton followed by a discussion and questions/answer session, facilitated by Bernhard Taxer, a clinical expert in pain science and NOIGroup instructor.



  • Have an increased appreciation and understanding of how our knowledge of pain has changed
  • Have a better understanding of modern pain biology and why certain treatments are better for pain than others
  • To amass a variety of relevant clinical examples that can be used to discuss the complexity of pain with patients and/or the general public.


Die Veranstaltungssprache ist ENGLISCH


    Die Veranstaltung ist auch Teil des PAIN POWER Online Events!

    Wenn Du deine Schmerzkompetenz erweitern und ein besseres Verständnis der Schmerzerfahrung erlangen möchtest; neue Entdeckungen auf dem Gebiet der Schmerzforschung, -behandlung und -aufklärung kennenlernen willst…und das von internationalen ExpertInnen unter anderem Lorimer Moseley & Tasha Stanton, sowie der österreichische Schmerzexperte Bernhard Taxer, dann erfahre Näheres darüber im unteren Link und werde Teil der PAIN POWER COMMUNITY!

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    Continuing education units

    For the course "Amazing pain facts that might just change your life", you will receive 2,5 CEU of 45 minutes each.


    Target Group

    Physiotherapists; Physicians; Masseurs; Ocupational therapists; Midvives; Speech therapists; Other Health Professionals; Sports scientists; Physiotherapy Students (5th semester or higher)



    Dr. Tasha Stanton & Bernhard Taxer, MSc, PT OMT



    Associate Professor Tasha Stanton is the Osteoarthritis Research Theme Lead for IIMPACT in Health at The University of South Australia, Adelaide. She is a clinical pain neuroscientist, with original training as a physiotherapist. Her research focusses on pain – why do we have it and why doesn’t it go away? She has received >$5.1m in competitive research funding, has published >100 peer-reviewed journal articles, and she has been a keynote/invited speaker at >90 national and international conferences. Her research has won both national and international awards, including the World Congress of Pain Ronald Dubner research award for the best series of papers as a trainee, the Australian Pain Society Rising Star Award and the Australian Physiotherapy Association Best New Investigator Award. She has a specific interest in pain education, osteoarthritis, low back pain, cortical body representation, somatosensation, and body illusions using virtual and mediated reality.


    Bernhard Taxer graduated from the Academy of Physiotherapy in Innsbruck in 2005 and initially worked at the University Clinic for Psychiatry in Innsbruck for 3 years before moving to Graz and also working in a rehabilitation clinic for three years. He has been working freelance in a practice in Graz since 2009 and is also employed as a lecturer at the FH JOANNEUM Graz for the physiotherapy study program. Additionally, he is in assistant training for the CRAFTA® concept and teaches externally at the FH Burgenland. Since 2017, Bernhard is in a PhD program at Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg. He completed his Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (OMT) in 2013 with a thesis on headache at Danube University Krems.


    His main physiotherapeutic interests include the treatment of neuropathic and persistent pain syndromes, manual and physiotherapeutic treatment of headache and facial pain, and the role of communication, emotion and interaction in the context of physiotherapy.

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    neuAmazing pain facts that might just change your lifeOnline Campus

    Amazing pain facts that might just change your life
    25.06.2022 bis 25.06.2022

    € 63,00
    Kursort: Online
    Module & Beginnzeiten
    neuAmazing pain facts that might just change your lifeOnline Campus




    Associate Professor Tasha Stanton

    Bernhard Taxer

    10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr